10 Travel Startups To Watch In 2018


The travel industry is full of tech innovation and change makers. Technology has uprooted how we travel, when we travel, the way travel & tourism organizations operate, and even the types of trips that get taken.  At the forefront of the industry are startups that are looking to further change the nature of travel. 

It's easy to name the travel tech winners of the last five years: Uber, AirBnb, Google, and TripAdvisor to name a few. These companies have truly changed the way we travel and they've had an impact on almost every travel & tourism organization. What's next in travel tech that will help to define the next decade? Here are 10 travel startups to watch in 2018. 

10 travel startups to watch in 2018

#1. TripActions 

TripActions helps companies save money on corporate travel by incentivizing employees to treat company money like personal money. The platform also allows for an easy snapshot of travel expenditure, integrates with Uber & Lyft and has an advanced search feature for loyalty programs and discounts. 

#2. LuckyTrip 

LuckyTrip was founded brothers Tiff and Alex Burns to help travellers plan a complete trip with the tap of a button. Adventurous travellers are able to get a complete itinerary with airfare, accommodation and activities at over 300 destinations. 

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 #3. Lumo

"Get real-time predictions on flight delays and take control of your trip."

Lumo is an app that helps travellers get real-time notifications about flight delays to save users major headaches at the airport and help them travel smarter. The app predicts which flights are likely to be delayed based on historical data and helps users reschedule their flights to save time and money. 

#4. Frequency 

Frequency targets the airline industry with a revolutionary smart device communication system that will replaces existing communication tools, using VoIP technology. Target customers are commercial airlines that currently use a combination of VHF radios, HF radios, mobile phones, landline phones, satellite phones and emails. 

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 #5. HotelChamp 

Amsterdam-based HotelChamp aims to shake-up third party website bookings by providing hotels with technology they can leverage on their own websites to provide a better user experience and increase bookings. With third party booking sites taking a percentage of booking fees, HotelChamp is looking to put that money back into a hoteliers pocket. 

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#6. LastSeat 

Lastseat is a UK-based startup that leverages technology to find the best last minute airfare and let's users live-bid on it to get the lowest price. For airlines, this can be revolutionary as it lets the market dictate pricing for those last minute hard-to-sell seats. They also offer a discovery section to help users find last minute holiday packages. 



#7. Stratajet

Stratajet works to bring private jet travel to the masses with its all-in-one booking platform. Instead of waiting for quotes and going through expensive agents, Stratajet works directly with aircraft operators to bring lower prices and convenience to those looking to book private airfare. 



#8. Stasher 

Stasher let's travellers securely drop off their luggage in trusted and secure local shops and hotels that have space for a small fee. This gives local businesses the opportunity to earn some extra money while freeing up travellers of heavy bags for short trips and layovers. 

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#9. TraknProtect

TraknProtect offers security and peace of mind for travel & tourism staff by providing easy to use panic buttons for employees which display an SOS message as well as an exact location to security and management, right down to a room number. TraknProtect markets itself as "the only panic button solution built for hospitality". 

#10. HotelTonight

Hoteltonight is a mobile app that lets users find discounted last-minute hotel deals up to 7 days in advance. The app comes with loyalty perks for continued booking and promises deeply discounted rates in hundreds of cities worldwide. 



Travel tech is continuously changing the industry with new startups emerging and conferences that aim to promote tech in the travel industry. Are you up to date with what's happening? Check out JSF's Digital Transformation in the Tourism Sector (Cancun) program today. 


JSF Travel & Tourism School, 18 April 2018

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