Top 20 Blogs Every Hospitality Professional Should Follow


The constantly changing nature of the hospitality industry means that there are always new trends, ideas and strategies to explore in order to be on the cutting edge of travel & tourism. 

Rather than being last to know, become an industry leader by following the blogs we’ve hand picked as perfect resources for the hospitality professional.


1. Hospitality Magazine

Hospitality Magazine covers nearly every aspect of hospitality and travel, from food and beverage to resource management. Offering in-depth information on industry trends, it also publishes insightful profiles of industry pros, delicious recipes, and advice to improve your hospitality ventures.

2. Tnooz
All about travel technology, Tnooz specializes in the achievements and applications of interest in the travel space. There are innovations, both large and small, are happening every day. Tnooz stays up to date with all of it.

3. Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine
Where the food goes, so do the people. Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine covers all of the happenings centered around what the world eats and where they will go to do it. Best of all? It’s published 11 times a year.

4. Hotel Owner
This publication is all about the small boutique hotel. Filled with information on leaders and techniques for better businesses, Hotel Owner magazine is a fountain of industry information for the savvy hotelier.

5. BlogNotions Hospitality Blog

The BlogNotions Hospitality Blog is a series of diverse views from big thinkers in hospitality. As it’s written by actual people in the industry, it's a great place to get real, practical information on technologies being used, and how to apply them in the real world.

6. British Hospitality Association 

The BHA operates on behalf of the interests of operators, owners, and brands in hotels, hospitality, food service, as well as serviced apartments and attractions. The BHA seeks to drive the future of hospitality for international competitiveness, and valuable careers.


7. BigHospitality

BigHospitality is for those working or interested in the hospitality industry. With an average of 29 posts a week, there is never a stone unturned in the field. BigHospitality also has feature profiles on key people and businesses, useful product information, and advice from industry experts to help you build great hospitality careers.

8. Conde Nast Traveller

All about traveling for the discerning consumer, Conde Nast is an American mass media company with a reputation for connecting with the upscale and well-to-do. Writing and photographing all the most amazing destinations in the world, Conde Nast Traveller is the place to go to understand the luxury traveler’s perspective.

9. Luxury Hospitality Magazine

Luxury Hospitality Magazine is a leading trade publication that acts as a marketing tool for advertisers. Events, exhibitions and news are always up to date with lots of details and images to keep everyone in the industry informed and brimming with ideas.

10. Horizon Hospitality

Horizon Hospitality is a blog for the talent in hospitality. It continues to be viewed as the leading source of information for those working in hospitality at the various hotels, resorts, restaurants, country clubs around the world.

11. HospitalityNet

HospitalityNet offers a view of everything happening in hospitality worldwide. Covering everything from webinars and conferences to schools for continued education, this is the place to grow in the hospitality and travel field.

12. Hotelier India

Hotelier India is a B2B magazine that functions as a guide about some of the most successful people in hotel management. Part of the Dubai-based ITP Publication, Hotelier India covers some of the finest locations and significant names in hospitality.

13. Hospitality Times

Hospitality Times focuses on the nuts and bolts of running a hospitality business. Learn about marketing, development, finance, human resources, and customer trends. As one of the few locations for data driven content in travel and tourism, Hospitality Times is a marquee destination for anyone looking to better understand marketing and customer habits.

14. Oracle Hospitality Blog

Oracle Hospitality provides provides enterprise level applications, digital services and hardware for the hospitality industry. They focus specifically on the hardware and software that makes things run smoothly. Those looking for greater operational efficiency will find a tonne of information here.


Being focused on marketing means being focused on nearly everything. From Google's future plans to the best way to book a hotel directly, is writing about the best way to get brands out there and generate more sales.

16. Hotel Marketing Strategies 

A crowdsourced visual collection of photos, information, and processes that showcase the creativity in hotel marketing. They help hotel owners around the world better define and implement their marketing practices. 


17. Washington Hospitality Association

The Washington Hospitality Association is the leading hospitality trade group in the region. Representing more than 6,000 members of the travel and hospitality industry, it supports and advocates for restaurateurs, hoteliers & related hospitality industry professionals.

18. Boutique Hotel News 

Boutique hotels are a large aspect of the hospitality industry. BHN is a publication that is all about serving this exciting market. With a great many posts being added each week, it pays to visit this blog often.  

19. eHotelier

As the global portal for dialogue amongst hospitality professionals, eHotelier focuses on the conversation the industry has with itself. Perfect for those that want to learn about the competition and become better competition as a result.


BENCHMARQUE is a collective of industry professionals with great passion, who are committed to aligning people with the best possible businesses. Focusing on emerging hospitality groups, they seek to create relationships that work to bolster the industry as a whole. 


Is your favourite blog for industry news on our list? Let us know in the comments below.
JSF Travel & Tourism School, 22 August 2017

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