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These days, booking a ticket to everywhere has become as simple as a voice inquiry to a smart device. You don’t even need to use your hands. As a result, the travel and tourism industries have seen continued expanding growth to meet the demand of an ever expanding market.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council’s latest annual research, Travel & Tourism’s contribution to world GDP grew for the fifth consecutive year in 2015, rising to a total of 9.8% of world GDP (US $7.2 trillion).

In other words, 1 in 11 jobs on Earth are in this industry.

Those most prepared to reap those benefits will continue to grow along with it, thriving in a competitive but rewarding industry.


Finding the Right Program for You

The best way to navigate a competitive marketplace? Increase your knowledge of the industry by studying the trends that drive it alongside the greatest working minds available. Rather than relying on everything you think you know, take an opportunity to gain a full and holistic view of travel and tourism by learning the value chain and experimenting with new concepts. The right management program will also build bonds with new classmates and professors, creating a strong network of top talent to return to throughout your journey as a manager and executive.

The Action Focus

More than many other industries, Travel and Tourism is all about leadership. The work of one person directly affects the work of everyone else. It also impacts the experiences of every client and customer. To cultivate the right kind of understanding, it’s best to find an educational program that employs hands on learning that can be applied immediately. Rather than focusing on theory or concepts, the best courses are specifically developed to build students into better professionals with a host of talents to be applied after and even during their time learning.


Study Current Challenges in Travel and Tourism

Instead of looking solely at how the world used to be, or preparing for an idealized future, search for a curriculum is based on what is happening in the travel and tourism space now. Analyze real world problems from a management perspective, delve into the interconnectedness of the industry, and bolster the innovation required to solve challenges in novel and significant ways. It is through these challenges that you will learn the core of making and executing action plans, and addressing problems as they arise.

Global Teamwork and International Perspective

To work in the highest levels of Travel and Tourism means having a global mindset, while truly building local connections that push companies forward. Learn how to work cross culturally, seeking solutions that solve problems in balanced and insightful ways.


Transformational Learning

Transformational learning creates transformational leaders. Find a course that positions you to work with a myriad of fellow industry leaders including CEOs, owners, presidents, board members, tourism services, professionals in car rental, tourism services, transport, and more. Each of these niches will provide unique perspectives that will serve to stretch and expand your mindset until you can use your newfound knowledge to improve your work in novel ways.

The best way to experience transformational learning? Through both active and case learning.

Active learning provides workshops, simulations, role plays, and projects that give you tools to be greater immediately. Case learning is centered around team oriented study of real world business problems to work out solutions and broaden perspective in key areas of travel and tourism.

Become The Best Possible Leader

No matter the good the work you may have done, there is always so much more to understand and apply. As the world has become more connected and the travel and tourism industry grows, it is easier than ever to become connected to a greater future, adding untold value to your life and the lives of those you lead going forward. 

Want to find the right executive education program for you? Browse our programs below: 




JSF Travel & Tourism School, 08 August 2017

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