Benefits Of Executive Education For Travel & Tourism Leaders


Executives from up and down the corporate hierarchy as well as entrepreneurs and business owners are increasingly recognizing the need to expand their knowledge and skills in today’s fast-paced business climate. The world is changing more than ever before, and lifelong learning has become part of what it means to stay competitive.

Nowhere can this be seen more than in the travel & tourism industry. The industry has undergone incredible change in the past 60 years and for executives who are leading their companies into the next decade, it’s more important than ever to have the strategic knowledge and perspective to make sound profit-driven decisions.

The Benefits of Executive Education In Today’s Business Climate


When you’re considering executive education for yourself or for your leadership team, here are some of the benefits you might want to have in mind.

Keep Up The With Trends: Ongoing Learning For A Changing World 

We’ve been hearing a lot lately that the travel & tourism industry is changing at light speed. Indeed, take a look at Skift’s 2018 report where they highlighted many trends that just a decade ago could not even be possible, including technologies that had not even yet been invented, such as AirBnb. Since the travel & tourism industry is susceptible to all sorts of global influences, including geo-political, natural disasters, and technology, staying on top of current events and hearing from industry experts is crucial to keeping your organization competitive.

The world is changing and so is the industry. Staying on top of trends and being able to make calculated data-based decisions about the future will help travel & tourism leaders succeed.


Networking: Meet Global Colleagues in A Cross-Cultural Setting


Executive education doesn’t happen in a bubble. In programs like JSF’s SEP PROGRAM and BIG DATA & BUSINESS ANALYTICS IN THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY PROGRAM, participants are immersed in a global learning environment and get to interact with global teachers and peers who bring diverse backgrounds and networking opportunities.

These connections can prove essential for your growth as a leader and lead to fruitful business partnerships and opportunities. Executive education attracts leaders from a wide variety of businesses, including corporate leaders, non-profit leaders as well as government organizations.


Thought Leadership: Cutting Edge Business Research

Executive education opens the doors to accessing exclusive knowledge from industry thought leaders.  It enables leaders to learn from niche experts and view cutting-edge business research that is unavailable to the general public. Along with information, the best executive education programs are hands-on, offering insights, case studies and organizational-specific applications which helps leaders apply new skills immediately.


Learning from world renowned professors and leaders from some of the biggest organizations on the planet gives life and business-changing perspectives.


Make Your Organization More Resilient And Competitive In The Future

Staying relevant is a big concern for business leaders. Businesses come and go quickly and maintaining relevance and profitability means that leaders need to have a broad interconnected understanding of the business landscape and how their organizations fit. Executive education helps leaders in the travel and tourism industry to identify current and future challenges and create plans to address them.

Learning how to continuously look at the internal and external forces that affect organizations will ensure that leaders stay on top of any challenges that are coming their way.


Executive education has become extremely important is today’s business environment. Global forces have led to large sweeping changes over the entire travel & tourism industry that are expected to continue well into the future. Take a look at JSF’s upcoming executive education programs for more information.
JSF Travel & Tourism School, 04 April 2018

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